LIFT Small Group Training

Life Improved with Functional Training, LIFT.  In LIFT Small Group Training (SGT), you will learn how to move your body better through life by mastering foundational moves that can then be elevated further to continue developing function, form and body control.

We provide a friendly and encouraging environment that is perfect for beginners to intermediate. Each workout can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs and abilities.

There are never more that 4 people per class so that you can always have the coaches attention and expertise. It is recommended to attend 2 times a week for beginners, 3 times a week for intermediate, and 1 time a week if supplementing into an ongoing fitness routine.

Bad knees? Bad back? No problem. As long as your doctor has cleared you for exercise, our coaches are qualified to help you develop strength and improve movement patterns and in many cases lessen or completely relieve that pain.

Sign-up today or call so we can answer any of your questions! (678) 235-5348

Address: 7730 Roswell Rd. Suite 205, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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